Hi! I’m Nina.

I write, edit, and make things from Los Angeles, California. I love this beautiful state of ours.

I was born and raised in Southern California, but I spent summers in Japan with my grandparents. Yamaguchi Prefecture is home, too. I love all the artistic pursuits, whether that means creating myself or enjoying others’ creations. However, I am also guilty of seeking order. I love making lists. I always have a paper planner. I'll look up a menu before entering a restaurant just so I'm not caught off guard.

I've lived in New York (let's be honest, it was for 10 months) Berkeley, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, where I grew up and where I am today. Like any other California girl, I'm obsessed with palm trees, desert landscapes and beaches. I guess this is why New York didn't work out?

I have spent much of my life straddling the line between the world of theater/acting and writing/editing. However, in the last year I’ve been more drawn to the latter. I received my BA in English from UC Berkeley and my MA in English Literature + Film from Claremont Graduate University.

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